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We do not collect any personal information from visitors except their IP Address and Transaction Identity associated with Paypal Transactions. Every website by default collects IP Address as visitors stats,  and Paypal services by default may share customer’s transaction Identity .i.e Customer Email Address and Paypal registered customer Name, and Transaction Number or Transaction ID.

We do not share your information with third parties which are not part of

We only share information with Google Services such as Google Adsense and Google Analytics.

We Use Google Adsense for providing Ads on our site.

Google uses cookies to serve ads based on a user’s previous visits such as personalized target advertising based on user’s activity on other websites and on google platforms.

Users can opt out of personalized advertising by visiting opt out services such as or by blocking the ads by ad blocker.

Google uses different networks to display ads on site which may include personalized ads or non-personalized ads which can be opted out by opt out services such as or by other means of blocking ads. will redirect you from to any other website or URL displayed in the Ads provided by Adsense Ads or by Google networks and have no relation with those Websites or URLs that will be visited by clicking on the Ads by Users at

Google will use and place cookies on users browsers through this site and may serve personalized Advertising or Non personalized Advertising to serve ads to each user on

We Use Google analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyze user activity in order to improve the site, for example Google Analytics use cookies on users browser through this site to look at the aggregate patterns by monitoring the user activity on site and overall users time spend on the site and also the location of the each visit on this site, which include live states about online users on the site and the time spend on each page and also overall duration of each user session on the site.