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Syed Mohammad Ahmed is a rising online entrepreneur that has written multiple books on topics ranging from Technology, Fitness, and Modern Philanthropy.

His publications include Free Source of Energy Technology, World of Innovators, Obesity Book for Weight Loss, 31 ideas book, Giant Egg Science.

He is a passionate author of books on revolutionary concepts, ideas, and topics that can have a global impact on economies, industries, and businesses.

Syed was born and brought in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, and has launched several online businesses and platforms as a visionary startup builder.

Syed Mohammad Ahmed is the author of the “Obesity Book for Weight Loss”, At the age of 13, Ahmed discovered bodybuilding and enrolled in the Local Gym since then the most popular topic among his friends and classmates was always about exercising and weight training.

The simple leisure gym time became a hobby but unfortunately, after 4 years Weight Training Ahmed became less active for two years and got fat, he was well aware of bodybuilding but weight loss was completely a different challenge.

He tried everything he could to get rid of unwanted body-fats and read countless articles and magazines but thanks to his deep instincts, past experiences and many wrong trials and failures he ultimately figured-out great things to drop-off his weight in a more reliable way, and finally got it right and lost 60KG around 132 Pounds and went from 134KG to 75KG in less than 4 months.

Almost every person he met was interested to learn about fitness, Weight-loss, and bodybuilding so that become the hot topic and inspiration for Obesity Book for Weight Loss.

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I hope my books will inspire the readers and make them more aware of the topics I cover and write about.

I am looking forward to writing more books in the future. I would love to hear positive reviews from my audiences, so do not hesitate to write some feedbacks and reviews.

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