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 Obesity Books for Weight Loss Author pic 3Mohammed Ahmed Syed is the author of the “Obesity Book for Weight Loss” The Obesity book for An Easy Weight loss”. At the age of 13, Ahmed discovered bodybuilding and enrolled in the Local Gym since then the most popular topic among his friends and classmates was always about exercising and weight training. The simple leisure gym time became a hobby.

Almost every person he met was interested to learn about fitness, weight training, and bodybuilding so that become the hot topic and inspiration for Obesity Book for Weight Loss.

He has a high entrepreneur and professional spirit and he is eager to learn about top businesses of the world and his old hobbies include analyzing top fortune companies and corporate businesses and he keeps learning about the new start-ups around the globe. Other than that He loves learning about worldwide economies.

From Mohammed Ahmed Syed

I hope my books will inspire the readers and make them more aware of the topics I cover and write about.

I am looking forward to writing more books in the future. I would love to hear positive reviews from the audiences and the masses, so do not hesitate to write some feedbacks and reviews.

I live in the city of Abu Dhabi, which is the capital city of United Arab Emirates. If you like to connect with me on my other social media profiles then below is the link to all of them. I am a Pakistani National born and brought-up in the UAE, Abu Dhabi.

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