Terms and Conditions

The information provided in the ebooks, paperback, and consultation is very effective for weight loss and harmless, and accurate, and very safe to try according to the author’s knowledge and beliefs but still, we have some terms and conditions for everyone to follow, so please read them properly.

The book provided by is for information purposes only and the author of the book and publisher will not be responsible if you got any adverse effects directly or indirectly from the information inside the book or consultations of the Author. You should consult your physicians and professional health care providers before adapting nutritional changes and adapting exercise and physical activity routines and physical activity changes, As the nutritional information and exercise and physical activity routine information is changing for improvements worldwide, such as for advancements in researches concerning health and healthcare and because of various fitness standards and researches conducted to meet the standard worldwide for better health concerns. However, the information given in the book is reliable from the author’s personal experience and should be followed at your own risk.

You may follow this book and it’s contents or consultation at your own risk. Syed Mohammad Ahmed will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by following the book and book content and consultations done by Syed Mohammad Ahmed.

Syed Mohammad Ahmed has no obligation to provide consultation to any purchaser and downloader of the book or any reader online or offline or anywhere in the world or any user of online or offline. However if consultation is temporary provided in the package sold then the consultation must be only via WhatsApp and should only be related to the information provided in the book. Consultation will be only limited to whatsapp text chat messages and email. Syed Mohammad Ahmed will have no obligation to provide video or voice chat for all packages purchased by the customers.

Consultation via WhatsApp will only be of information related to book and book content, and any question related to the following instruction within the book. Any query other than the book and it’s content or out of the scope of the book shall not be entertained.

Syed Mohammad Ahmed will do his best to reply to queries soon, but respond to each query may take a long period of time, from a few minutes to months. Syed Mohammad Ahmed or have no obligation to provide any type of consultation for any of the purchased items on or for the paperback book or ebook or pdf purchased or downloaded via

Syed Mohammad Ahmed has the right to block mobile phone number or person from contacting him for consultation at any time he wants with or without any reasons.

The consultation will only be provided over the given phone number revealed after the purchase of an item only if the consultation is also offered with an item on and otherwise no consultation will be provided by the author.

Refund Policy

This policy is only valid for customers or clients who directly purchased items on this platform. If you purchased any of our books or apps from other platforms then we will not be responsible for any support or refunds or consultations(if provided). No refunds will be given after payment is done, Users cannot get a refund as digital goods will be provided and will be in User(s) possession. If as a user and purchaser, you are unable to get the Ebook in .pdf format file after payment then contact us at this email address, to get your file. We will check the transaction and will provide the Ebook.

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