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Obesity Book for Weight Loss

The Obesity Book for An Easy Weight loss

No More Killing Workouts!

No More Killing DIET!

Learn the Right Way!

Do it in a Very Human Way!

No more 3-hour Machining Crossfit or Gym Sessions!

Leave those things for the Robots!

This is Very Special Weight Loss Program for Treating Obesity in people.

You can totally do it!

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You do not have to be in a fitness profession, No miracles needed, learn from an average guy just like you, he has done it and so can you, Learn and do it yourself!


Get Book to Start Transformation!

Obesity Book for Weight Loss is An Easy Weight Loss Program for Treating Obesity in People, it Helps them Lose Weight Healthily and Easily.

You do not have to do a hard diet and exhausting work-outs to get fit from fat or to lose weight.

You do not need to pay thousands of dollars on obesity management treatments or life-threatening surgeries like gastric bypass, and also you do not need to spend thousands for buying costly gym equipment or pay thousands for fitness studio memberships and also do not need to buy costly supplements or coaching to get fit.


This book is a tried formula for weight management and the methods written in this book helped the author to lose 59 kilograms in less than 4 months, from 134 kg to 75 kg. The author already had 9 years of exercise experience so he knows the pros and cons of the fitness world and understands and acknowledges the hardship involved in the fitness industry or obesity management and knows how difficult it is for the average beginner to start a weight loss or fitness routine.

The weight loss program in this book is designed in a way which does not cause exhaustion of mind or body and does not break the human spirit or cause stresses which leads to injuries and pains like the one caused by the cross-fit sessions or 3-hour gym class, Instead, it can be followed by any obese person who likes to lose weight in a quick and fast but a very healthy way which if followed may help almost anyone to get their dream physique in few months.

This Obesity book is for almost all ages and for both Men and Women who are adults or Teenagers and the instructions, Diet and Exercise in this book are effective and easy and can be followed and done easily by anyone.


You do not have to starve between meals and absolutely do not need to perform high intensity and exhausting weight training or robotic exercises, leave those things for the robots, instead, you will be dieting and exercising in a very human way.

This book contains the diet-plan and diet strategy for weight management and covers the eating pattern which will trigger fat reduction and aid in weight-loss, the caloric intake diet plan is also given to follow with fitness work-out routine.

This book holds the information on weight training which is partially aerobics, the reader will also find crucial information about how much weight to use for the exercise part and also learn about muscle conditioning.


This Weight Loss Book will teach about how should one start Walking and Running for Weight Loss.

Weight-loss first or bodybuilding and what is the best thing to do and which one is the best for weight loss is also answered.


The Exercise illustrations and demonstrations are also given. It also covers the topic of dealing with first time injury and pains.

This weight-loss and obesity management book contains important information about being dedicated to the fitness plan, and covers information about Natural Weight Loss vs Gastric Bypass Surgery, and also contains information about fat reduction and sugar intake.


This obesity book teaches the best way of maintaining weight after fat-loss and contains important information about how important it is to take rest.


This book also contains extra information about workout-wisdom and tips for having enough brain-power to cope and deal with obesity in a more dedicated and natural way.


The book contains answers to crucial and important popular questions such as more Salt is good or bad and is Extra Sugar intake good or bad and can I skip the exercise part or not or can I skip the meals or not and how to deal with having a problem of low energy levels and fatigue.

The solution for avoiding blisters behind the ankles and the best methods to deal with the problem of foot-pains caused by walking or running is also given.


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Why a Ph.D. doctor might not be able to help you?

There is always a big difference in the ones who write after having a real experience than the one who writes without any such experiences, and yes this is true that many Ph.D. level doctors do write about fitness and weight loss and have widely popular publications but only if they really experienced the actual obesity and had this issue then people would assume them correct and believe that yes they might be right but in the end all the obesity doctors say the things like you need to do intermittent fasting and watch your carbohydrates and definitely need to perform exercise daily and lower the insulin levels in the body etc etc, and yes they all are right somehow because these things do lead to weight loss but those methods are very hard and difficult in reality and are against human nature and the helpless person who follows those incredibly hard routines is the one who really suffers in the end. Finally, let’s say that it is very easy for any guy in the healthcare industry to tell you to adopt routines of extreme nature but it is not easy for the person to pursue such difficult and impossibly hard fitness programs.obese-man-extreme-weight-loss-help01

The exercise program in the ‘Obesity Book for Weight Loss’ is very human-friendly when it comes to weight loss and is an easily adaptable weight loss method for treating and managing obesity in people.

The readers and followers of the Obesity book for Weight Loss will be performing weight loss in a very human way without using those interventions which are impossible for humans to adapt and perform.

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An eye-opening truth when it comes to losing bodyweight?

This is true that more than half of the earth’s population is overweight and in the present fast-food culture, fitness is a concern for everyone. and everyone is looking for a quick solution to shred some body fats to look great.

The major issue is that people are educated in many things but are not very well educated when it comes to fitness and because of that reason everyone does very wrong trials before learning the right knowledge which leads to the right path.

The wrong trials are part of the long term experience but you can avoid the wrong trials early enough and for that, you need the right knowledge which not everyone has. so that is when the Obesity Book for Weight loss plays an important role in your life to help you win the situation.

This is a reality that anyone can tell you to do a 1-hour bicycle followed by a 1-hour elliptical machine and lowering your calories, but in reality, if you are working out for 2 or 3 hours then you definitely need to consume even more than the daily intake requirement in fact you might need to consume a diet consisting of 4000 to 5000 calories to maintain your bodily functions after hitting yourself with such a high energy demanding workout routine.

Do you know that marathon racers run max 3 to 4 times in the week for 2 hours to 3 hours max and they consume per day around 5000 to 6000 calories and more?

So isn’t it unfair to a person to hit the gym for 2 to 3 hours and eat only fewer calories to lose weight? in reality, it is completely wrong to work out so much and consume lower calories.

The weight loss program such as diet and exercise in this obesity management book is designed in such a way which does not cause you to lower your calories and work out to the point which starts to harm your body.

One of the weight loss mistakes which everyone does is doing hard weight training in the gym with a low diet and that is completely the opposite as everyone knows how much calories do the bodybuilders take to compensate for the weight training they do in the gym.

Another concern of people is that they do not know how to shreds fat for weight loss the right way and they keep listening to those fitness trainers and coaches who had never done a weight loss in their life and never had any obesity issues.

The reality is that bodybuilding and losing weight with improving body shape are complete of the opposite nature.

Many gym coaches put people on hard aerobic training or a hard cross-fit work out routine which breaks the body and spirit and badly affects your nervous system leading to mental and physical fatigue.

The reality is that the gym coaches might believe that they are right because they have years of experience in the fitness field or maybe they are unintentionally or intentionally playing with your mind to get the remuneration they get from personal training.

Yes the nature of work of a fitness coach is really hard and they may be trying to do good to you and want to make you stronger and muscular and leaner and they might be good at turning an average or moderate guy into a fitter form but handling obesity clients and dealing with weight loss is entirely something different.

All the Bodybuilding instructors are incredible at their job and deserve a credible recognition when it comes to weight training, bodybuilding or Cross-fit but not everyone is great at dealing and managing with obesity issues of clients and that is because most of them have never experienced being obese and do not know how much challenging and harder it is to lose weight if not done correctly.

Many of the Gym instructors ask you to buy their time to teach you about exercising and weight loss and that is solely because they are making a living out of it and many do believe that what they are teaching you about weight loss is true because they are the fitness trainers in the gym which seems like a true evidence of truth perhaps is not a strong fact when it comes to weight loss or dealing with obesity clients.

You might see the big muscles of your gym coach and then fall into the illusion that he know also about the weight loss which leads you to follow the instruction given by the muscular coach and you immediately start to perform the high-intensity workouts.

Every coach has few things to say like I want to see your face red and your heart rate up or I want you to perform in the gym for an hour more and you are leaving so soon.

After even following every command of the gym coach you go home tired and all fatigued-out and then you finally realize a hard pain in your body and then know that it is some sort of injury that you are facing right now. but still, then you consult with the same gym coach again and he got few other lines to say like these pains are temporary and you will stop feeling them in a week after or so, yes you will not feel that pain resulting from an injury because your senses will be numb in a week and so on.

Pain while doing bodybuilding is different and for that, we all consume the right foods which repair the muscles and grow them big because in the bodybuilding we are doing micro-damage to our muscles and muscle ligaments and which ultimately grows due to stress and consumption of high protein, fats, and carbs rich dieting.

The pain you get in a typical weight-loss session and a bodybuilding routine is completely different as bodybuilders do not go through such an extreme cardio session as an average weight loss gym-goer does, So a bodybuilding coach has nothing to solve your problem of obesity except demanding you for a high-intensity workout.

Later-on What was just an injury will become a health disaster in a few months and then you will be mentally and physically defeated and finally will quit the gym for a long time.

If you have already felt all of this and are familiar with the situation then you know better about this as you have already experienced and felt it and if not then you are going to feel this way afterward joining a local gym for weight loss.

Anyone can easily predict how difficult a 3-hour work out is.

One of the things you should probably ask your gym instructors is that if they had any obesity issue and how they dealt with it.

If your Gym instructor shares his 5 to 10-pound weight loss experience then it probably means that he is an inexperienced weight loss coach.

So this is why you should get this weight loss book to get all the answers to solve your obesity issue.

You will learn the art and science of weight loss from this unique only book, as it is very easy to follow than the traditional gym routines which involve 2 to 3 hours work out and the obesity management program in this book does not cause those issues mentioned above and is truly from real-life experience and a true weight-loss trial.

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What is so Special about this Weight Management book?

The special thing about this weight loss book is that it is a real tried formula and that is something the current top books cannot offer as many people who author a weight loss book writes them based on a research and theory and not a real practical experience which one attains after many years of wrong and correct trials moreover one needs to understand the sensitivity of experiences the readers had faced in their life concerning the obesity issue and that is what this book offers to its readers.

Many of the top books advise you to hit the gym hard daily or do a life-threatening diet such as the keto diet or the weight loss shakes, teas and pills but all those things and interventions ultimately lead to a disaster of health and everyone knows how hard following those routines are.

Why this book is for you?

The main reason why this weight loss book is the best choice is that it is a very easy to follow weight loss and Obesity management program and anyone who can still walk can make their fitness goal a reality.

Obesity Book for Weight Loss eBook Smart App

Benefits after following?

Fat-loss towards fitness, Muscle formation and endurance, Body strength building, Stamina enhanced, Muscular endurance, Stress relief, Eating pattern improved, Better digestion, Self-development, Higher self-esteem, Better attitude, Character building, Play favorite sports, From obese to fit, Clothes fitting, No more extra+ sizes of clothes.

Difficulty level of program?

The program in this book is easy to follow. You do not have to over train and do hard diet.

Why This Books?

You do not have to spend thousands on fitness magazines, gymnasiums, personal trainer, diet, and surgical methods, instead read this reliable book based on simple and really effective weight loss program.

Who can follow the book?

  • This book is for both men and women who are obese and overweight.
  • The exercises inside the book is easy.
  • The program is the mixture of simple cardio and aerobics.
  • The length of the program is short. It took me two years to self-experiment and figure out a way to lose fats in a safe and reliable way.

Obesity Book for Weight Loss eBook Smart App

Become Healthier and Happier with Easy Weight Loss!

If you follow this obesity book then you are going to become healthier and healthy than before and will be self-aware about your health and will be on your ideal BMI weight category. I hope that after reading you will no more look for other weight loss books and will have plenty of knowledge to cure obesity in a positive manner than a hard and harmful one.

I will really like to read your feedback, comments and ratings and want you to give an honest feedback about your journey after following this book.

Learn the Art of Weight Loss Step by Step!

I have written the chapters in a proper sequence to guide you the right way which is easily understandable and very easy to read anytime or in a free time without making things complicated. This obesity book is easy to follow with easy level of exercises which does not cause higher stress levels in people.

I have also given weight loss program’s quick summary in the end and written answer to many important questions such as maintain sugar levels and taking proper rest. I have also mentioned about whether going to the Gym first or Skipping until weight loss transformation.

Readers of this obesity book will find it very easy to manage obesity the right way without losing brain and body energy as done in keto-diet and other types of harmful fad diets. I am sure that after reading this fat loss book anyone can get fit from being fat and be on a great and better fitness levels.

Obesity Book for Weight Loss eBook Smart App

No Torturing yourself with the Ketogenic or keto Diet!

You do not have to do a fad diet or reduce your carbohydrates intake to zero as done in ketogenic diet or keto diet, you will be eating a balanced meal and almost all types of foods carrying high nutritional value according to the instruction in this weight management book.

Get Fit in A Reliable Way!

I have written this book for any average obese person who likes to lose weight and get fit in a very easy and reliable way with proper balanced dieting and proper nutrition and an easy to follow exercise routine which aids in weight loss naturally and effectively overtime.

Beat the Fast-food Culture and be Healthier and Happier!

An average man living in a fast food culture may not have enough knowledge and exposure to complete information to solve his obesity condition and may find weight loss treatment very hard. An average beginner to weight loss program may find it a very challenging task and which diet or exercise program to follow might be a big challenge itself.

Avoiding Dangerous Diseases and Get Fit and Slim!

Growing obesity in  people causes increased risk of various diseases such as heart diseases and digestive disorders and many doctoral researchers working in health organizations found out that obesity also causes hormonal disturbances and hormonal imbalances such as low thyroid functions and metabolic disorder.

Most of the time people find dieting most difficult because they start to immediately cut the meal frequency by doing some type of fad dieting which causes your brain and body to immediately lose energy levels because of unbalanced diet, they ignore the fact that humans need balanced nutrition to work properly to keep up bodily functions.


Obesity Book for Weight Loss eBook Smart App

Learn the Right Weight Loss Knowledge!

People do not find weight loss and treating obesity easy because first they lack the right knowledge and do not have enough experience to cope with challenges involved in managing obesity through a clean diet routine and exercise program to start weight loss correctly.

Treating Obesity is Not a Difficult Task!

Treating obesity is not a very difficult task and is easier to treat than other medical conditions. According to my researches on rising obesity epidemic is that the issue is growing faster and becoming harder by time for the people to get fit from being fat because of the modern lifestyle which involves eating more than usual to survive due to rise in the food industry.

Some how you need to satisfy your brain to challenge this condition of being obese and start weight loss program which helps overcome obesity issue to get relief from high body fat to desired body weight according to your ideal Body Mass Index known as BMI.

Detailed Desciption!

This book is a tried formula and a result of a weight loss experiment and a wonderful solution for the author’s mission of helping people defeat obesity in the best way possible.

The author of the book Mohammed Ahmed Syed believes that after reading this book any obese person in the world will learn the art of defeating obesity in a very human manner.

The author also believes that this is the only cure for beating obesity in the quickest and safest way.

Author Syed Mohammad Ahmed believes “if you want to fix a machine then you must have the right tools needed.” so, having a right knowledge to treat obesity is a must and without it, one can drift in a wrong direction easily which can prove to be a major health disaster and for that reason, this book is created and it will be your ultimate tool and guide which will lead you to the right direction towards your fitness success and enlightenment.

He also suggests that all the surgical methods must be avoided and the best way to treat obesity is by managing weight loss in a healthy and natural way with an effective and safe obesity treating methods and techniques that prove to be the quickest way that is the safest to try for weight loss transformation and comprises of methods that are of the healthiest way possible.

He believes that his book can help people of any age and gender to beat obesity in the most effective way and in a way that is easiest to follow and safest to try.

He also believes that anyone who will read this book will definitely know the art and the science of weight-loss and weight management and will have enough knowledge which will help them in curing obesity at any period of their life-time and the readers will solve the obesity issue forever.

The Author of the book has a decade long exercising experience and has written this book after he founded a solution which he tried and experimented with and resulted to be the best solution for weight loss and of getting rid of obesity forever.

He hopes that the book will be so effective that whoever follows the book will become 100% fat to fit.

The author hopes that the readers will read and follow the book and will be 100% fit and in the best shape possible and if they try then they shall be in the best shape and form that they never had before for a lifetime.

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Obesity Book for Weight Loss eBook Smart App

No Fad Diet and No Starving!

You do not have to starve yourself by adopting an extreme and hard weight loss diet-plan which causes deficiency of important nutrition like vitamins and minerals and micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients.

No High-Intensity Workouts!

Also, you do not need to perform exercises of extreme nature and do not need to do a high-intensity work-out which can damage your body and alter your bodily function by causing a high level of stress and strains or muscle cramps.

No Need for Fitness Certification!

For curing the obesity or to become physically fit you also do not need to have a degree or diploma in fitness from reputed fitness universities or institutions.

No Need to Spend Thousands on Obesity Issue!

You do not need to spend thousands of dollars for fixing obesity issues and do not need to spend thousands on obesity management treatment surgeries which are life-threatening by nature like Gastric Bypass Surgery or weight reduction treatments or surgeries which sounds very safe but are not in reality.

No GYM Equipment Needed for Fat Loss!

Buying costly gym equipment like the treadmill or paying for expensive fitness studio membership is not necessary and not for everyone because not all can afford those, even if they likely to pay for the gym membership and personal trainer they still fail to get fit, that is because the personal trainer might be very good at building muscles but never had the obesity issue.

Easy Fitness Plan for Everyone!

The weight loss program in this book is designed for all ages and may work very well for almost everyone.

No Exhaustion and No Stress during Weight Loss!

Most likely everyone who tries to lose weight firstly go through different phases exhaustion of mind and body and ultimately fails, the very first reason why this happens is because they lack the knowledge and do not know which diet or exercise and work-out routine might work for them and it can take year for an average person to get fit from fat.

This weight-loss book is designed in such a way which can help anyone to get fit from being fat or obese no matter the obesity class.

The methods that are written and explained in this book are effective and easy and do not cause stresses or bodily pains which are caused by a hard cross-fit session or an exhausting 3-hour gym work-out.


Safe to Try and Easier to Follow Get Slim Program!

The main benefit of this obesity book is that it is safe to try and makes sense, and any obese person might get the idea of turning himself into a fit person easily without hurting himself or herself from injuries which can lead to serious health issues.

A Tried and Working Weight Loss Plan!

This book is a tried formula for weight management or weight-loss and the fascinating working methods and ideas written inside this book have helped the author to lose 59 Kg of body weight in less than a year, from 134 to kg to 75 Kg. Luckily the author of this obesity book already had 9 years of exercise experience in the gym and outdoor, so he knows the pros and cons of the fitness world and understands the difficult part of losing weight.

No More Weight Loss Issues!

The author of this obesity treatment book acknowledges the hardships, issues, and problems involved in the obesity management and those in the fitness world, he knows that it is very difficult for the average beginner to start and adapt a weight-loss program and fitness plan without the right knowledge which not everyone has.

This book contains the right knowledge which one gets and learns after years of experience and after many wrong trials.

Works for Both Men and Women!

This weight-loss book and fitness program is for both men and women and adults and teenagers of almost any age and the diet plan and the work-out routines can be easily and effectively followed and done by anyone who likes to get fit and lose all body fats to enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle.

No Starving and No difficult Workouts for Weight Loss!

You do not need to starve between meals and do not need to perform tough and difficult high intensity demanding work-outs and machining weight training robotic exercises, which causes high-stress levels in people, instead you will be doing diet and exercise in a very human way.

The First chapter of this book contains the definition of fitness according to the author, and also the first chapter covers the idea in which the world falls under.

Get Motivation to Start Weight Loss Easily!

In the Second chapter the author talks about motivation and also states about how much time should the weight-loss program be followed for or how much time should one consider for treating and managing obesity and how long it might take to get fit, he also emphasis on failures along the way and how to overcome them.

The Third chapter contains authors thoughts over being an over-skinny, over-weight or normal-weight range, and tells and point-outs what he thinks is the best weight-range according to him.

Effective Diet Plan for An Easy Weight loss!

Fourth chapter of this obesity book contains the diet-plan and diet strategy for weight management and covers the eating pattern which will trigger fat reduction and aid in weight-loss, the fourth chapter of this book also contains information about water intake and portion sizes for the meals and plate size for the meal-portions, the caloric intake diet plan is also given to follow with the entire diet-plan and fitness work-out routine.

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Effective Exercise Plan for Shaping the Body!

The Fifth chapter of this obesity book contains the Exercise part and holds the information on weight training which is partially aerobics, the reader will also find crucial information about how much weight to use for the exercise part of this fitness routine and also learn about muscle conditioning.

Learn How to Run for Weight Loss!

The exercise chapter also covers how should one start running if he likes to and how fast should one run which is mentioned with steps.

Learn How to Walk for Weight Loss!

The Fifth chapter also contains information about the walk and how much walk is required for weight-loss and obesity management.

Know The Truth About Weight Loss First or Bodybuilding Myth!

In the Fifth chapter, the author talks about weight-loss first or bodybuilding and tells what is the best thing to do, so if you are confused and do not know which one is the best then it might be a very informative thing to learn.

Learn How to Exercise and Get Fit!

The Sixth chapter contains the exercises with illustrations and elaborate and explains how to perform the exercises.

Learn How to Avoid Injuries and Safely Lose Fats!

It also covers first time injury and pains and also advises ignoring the bad gym instructors and friends.

Build Abs and Get Your Desired Fit Physique!

The Sixth chapter contains the Abs Workout routine, Shoulder and Deltoids Work-out routine, The Chest work-out routine, The Biceps, and Triceps work-out routine, the Back workout routine and the Legs work-out routine.

Natural Weight Loss and No Gastric Bypass Surgery!

The Seventh chapter of this weight-loss obesity book contains important information about being dedicated to the fitness plan, and covers information about natural weight loss and gastric bypass surgery, this chapter also contains information about fat reduction and sugar intake.

Learn How to Maintain Weight After Weight Loss!

The best way for maintaining weight after fat-loss is also covered in the 7th chapter of this book.

Take Enough Rest and Lose Weight Fast!

The Eighth chapter of this obesity book contains important information about taking rest and how important it is to take rest.

Learn The Wisdom for An Effective and Easy Weight Loss!

This Weight-loss and obesity management book also contains extra information about workout-wisdom and tips for having enough brain-power to cope with obesity in a more dedicated way.

Learn the Solution to Popular Weight-Loss Issues and Myths!

The Final Section of the ‘Obesity Book for An Easy Weight loss’ covers very crucial information as answer to important and popular questions such as, More Salt is good or bad? and is Extra Sugar intake good or bad and Can I skip the exercise part or not and also answers about skipping the meals or not and having problem of low energy levels and fatigue.

Learn about Avoiding Foot-Pains and Blisters on Ankles!

The Last Section also contains the solution for avoiding blisters behind the ankles and contains suggestions to cope with the problem of foot-pains caused by walking.

Author’s Transformation images are also given at the end of the book and also at the beginning of the book preface.

From this Book’s Author, Being obese is not a good option if you want to live an active lifestyle, so I do recommend that you get fit from fat if you want to enjoy a more active lifestyle. From Syed Mohammad Ahmed.

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