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You do not have to be in a fitness profession, No miracles needed, learn from an average guy just like you, he has done it and so can you, Learn and do it yourself!

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Obesity Book for Weight Loss is An Easy Weight Loss Program for Treating Obesity in People, it Helps them Lose Weight Healthily and Easily.

You do not have to do a hard diet and exhausting work-outs to get fit from fat or to lose weight.

You do not need to pay thousands of dollars on obesity management treatments or life-threatening surgeries like gastric bypass, and do not need to spend for buying costly gym equipment or for fitness studio memberships, or costly supplements or coaching to get fit.

This eBook app guide is a tried formula for weight management and the methods written in it, helped the author to lose 59 kilograms in less than 4 months, from 134 kg to 75 kg.

The author already had 9 years of exercise experience so he knows the pros and cons of the fitness world and understands and acknowledges the hardship involved in the industry or obesity management and knows how difficult it is for the average beginner to start a weight loss routine.


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The weight loss program in this app is designed in a way which does not cause exhaustion of mind or body and does not break the human spirit or cause stresses which leads to injuries and pains like the one caused by the cross-fit sessions or 3-hour gym class, Instead, it can be followed by any obese person who likes to lose weight in a quick and fast but a very healthy way which if followed may help almost anyone to get their dream physique in few months.

This obesity app is for almost all ages and for both Men and Women who are adults or Teenagers and the instructions, Diet and Exercise in this Application are effective and easy and can be followed and done easily by anyone.

You do not have to starve between meals and absolutely no need to perform high intensity and exhausting weight training or robotic exercises, leave those things for the robots, instead, you will be dieting and exercising in a very human way.


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This app contains the diet-plan and fat-loss strategy for weight management and covers the eating pattern which will trigger fat reduction and aid in weight-loss, the caloric intake plan is also given to follow with fitness work-out routine.

This App holds the information on weight training which is partially aerobics, the reader will also find crucial information about how much weight to use for the exercise part and also learn about muscle conditioning.

This Weight Loss App will teach about how should one start Walking and Running for Weight Loss.

Weight-loss first or bodybuilding and what is the best thing to do and which one is the best for Fat-Loss is also answered.

The Exercise illustrations and demonstrations are also given. It covers the topic of dealing with first time injury and pains.


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This weight-loss and obesity management app has important information about being dedicated to the fitness plan, and covers topics about Natural Weight Loss vs Gastric Bypass Surgery, and contains informatives about fat reduction and sugar intake.

This obesity App teaches the best way of maintaining weight after fat-loss and contains important information about how important it is to take rest.

This App also contains extra information about workout-wisdom and tips for having enough brain-power to cope and deal with obesity in a more dedicated and natural way.

The App contains answers to crucial and important popular questions such as, is Salt and Extra Sugar intake good or bad and can I skip the exercise part and the meals or not, and how to deal with having a problem of low energy levels and fatigue.

Obesity Book for Weight Loss Fitness Transformation Image 05 Chart Graph

The solution for avoiding blisters behind the ankles and the best methods to deal with the problem of foot-pains caused by walking or running is also given.

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  1. Helpful guide

    It helped. Lost few pounds and looking forward to losing more in few weeks.

  2. Good for workout

    Perfect book for weight loss. Easy workout routine keeps me motivated.

  3. It worked for me.

    It helped me lose 17 lbs in 2 months, hope I’d achieve my goal of 38 pounds weight drop in next 2 months.

  4. Great ebook for weight loss, I have lost 18 pounds in 4 weeks

    This ebook helped me lose 18 pounds in 4 weeks, loved the routine, I found this resourceful and easy to follow guide. Highly recommend other to try this book for quick fat loss.

  5. 4 inches down my waist, stamina increased, feels great

    This ebook got me mind blown, it works like magic, I have been following the super easy exercises and diet plan for months now, I feel great and em not grazing for food like a grizzly bear. Feeling slim and trim, 4 inches down my waist. I can even run now, Its magical. My stamina has improved drastically and now I can carry myself better, not feeling tired easily.

  6. Have a better toned body and incredible shape!

    Seen incredible results in a month, lost 9 pounds, I was 58kg now em 54kg. Felt stronger and have a better body shape and tone. 2.5 inches down from waist, finally fit in older cloths. Thanks for this fitness ebook, it’s life changing to me.

  7. I am very happy with my 15Kg weight loss

    My name is Chandan Sing from india, me very satisfied with the results that I am getting from this weight loss ebook. Lost 4 kilograms in first month, second month 6 kilograms, third month 5 kg, total lost 15 kilograms. This book is very good for weight reduction.

  8. Lost 11 pound in 3 weeks, works like a charm!

    This book is magical, I have lost 11 pounds, thats 5kg in 3 weeks, thanks for this guide.

  9. I've lost 27kg in around 5 months

    Losing weight was never this easy, Obesity book for weight loss changed my life since 5 months I have lost 27kg, didn’t even followed the instructions daily but guess slow and steady wins the race. Small changes and a routine changed my life’s perspective, yes you can live a healthy life if you try and go for it, I’ve learned that simple tweaks and basic changes do help.

  10. Very effective, have lost 13Kg in 2 months

    Highly recommend this book, have lost 13kg in 2 months following the diet plan, very effective.

  11. Down to 87kg from 115kg, lost 28kg in 4 mons

    Have been following the guidelines and exercises in this book for 4 months now, I have lost 28kg. I look totally different and a new person. Got second life thanks to this ebook.

  12. Better shape, fast results, Lost 18 pounds

    Have been proud of my progress with this ebook smart app, have lost 18 pounds in less than 2 months, super easy workouts and diet plan. Excellent for conditioning and muscle tone, em in a better shape thanks to this ebook.

  13. i have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks easily

    Wonderful app for weight loss, have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, perhaps the best book a man can get to lose weight fast.

  14. Lost 6 pounds in 1 week

    I, have become a fan, what an amazing transformation, really inspiring and satisfying. Loved the workout routine, the diet plan is simple and easy to follow. Lost 6 pounds in 1 week, unbelievable progress.

  15. Book has all the necessary information. Has the perfect diet and exercise plan. Very good book and the chapters are spread evenly in order, it is a perfect weight loss guide that one looks for all the time but can’t find anywhere, well done

  16. This book has so much to learn from, has all the tips and tricks to make you lose your weight in a healthy way. Very interesting and inspiring book.

  17. This book outstands every other book. Have read many get slim books but they all are useless and hard. Everything i tried never ever worked for me, cook books, keto diets, insulin resistance dieting, nothing worked well but this book teaches the right way of doing things and this book is very preferable and high in demand because it has everything one needs to lose weight the right way. Highly recommend reading

  18. I am a fan

    Very inspiring, and I hope that I will also see results. Started my transformation a week back, em glad i found this book cuz i didnt knew how to start but thanks to this book I learned a lot.

  19. Very good book

    I have recommended this book to my friends, this is a very unique and great book for weight loss. really inspiring

  20. Amazing book

    Book has amazing topics and is good from start to end, has lots of things which might surprize the readers. You can learn many things which we usually never think of when planning for weight lose.

  21. Very good book

    Very nice book, have all the information needed to cope with weight loss. Good diet plan and good exercises.

  22. Brilliant and wise book

    Stunning transformation and great book, book has very smart routine which anyone can start and follow to get slim.

  23. Perfect book!

    Book is well informing, it covers all those areas which normally fitness book dnt talk about.

    Has all the essentials required to motivate you enough to watch your weight.

    This is a perfect book if you want to shedd body fats.

  24. Book has great options

    A very easy weight loss guide, a typical routine is like taking a walk in parks and dieting with balanced meals instead of starving. Wisdom part is just great, book content is way more than expectation and exercise plan seems very basic and easy. Nothing complicated but very informative and desireable.

  25. This book is just perfect

    After reading this book, I decided and made up my mind to restart and try again. Have failed many times but now I believe that it is possible, this is a very positive weight loss book and teaches you just everything. Thanks for making this book and its all what I ever needed.

  26. Very useful book

    This book is a solid guide for shedding weight in a manner which is least the expense and very effective for treating obesity in people. Very informative and useful book, consist of plain and simple diet and workout plan. Anyone can easily follow this guide for getting slim.

  27. Outstanding fitness book

    This book is by far the best and better than any book you can find for weight loss. Cannot wait till I start my routine with this book.

    My goal is to lose 60 pounds in 6 mons, and I,ve been looking for ways to drop weight but everything I find was really hard to try, this book has a very reliable approach, so gonna give it a try.

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    Book has great tips for weight loss, comprise of very wise choices for losing weight fast. Transform yourself from overweight to healthy weight. This is a must have book.

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    The best for weight loss, highly recommended if you want to lose weight. My best buy yet

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    Good quality book, has eveything you need to accomplish your weight loss goals.

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    This book is now on top of my fitness list, Solid weight loss book, very inspiring and motivating

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    Awesome book, good exercise plan and diet can be found inside, good for weight loss.

  33. Good Book 5 star

    This is a very unique kind of book, readers can find much of everything, there are motivational, wisdom, workout plan, diet, stress managment, resting, Bmi Chart, etc

    Its a perfect book for weight management and has workout instructions, dieting explanations and way more information than you expected.

    It is good book and highly recommended for weight loss transformation.

  34. Really Nice Book

    Book is really nice, has quite a bit of everything to learn from, very good approach.

  35. Book is just Brilliant

    Book is just amazing, whats so fascinating about it is that it covers those things which normally we do not care about when trying to lose weight. How to manage stress and about resting is my favorite part because that contains very wise decisive answers to our health. The book is not only about weight loss but whole well-being.

  36. Worth your time, recommended

    Good book has great content, detailed yet easy guide. likable workout plans. light and easy exercise, diet is considerably simple and easy yet sounds worth a try, . Very Good Book, worth the time.

  37. Truly Inspiring

    This book can inspire anyone, has some good inspirational qoutes, the wisdom article inside is very good, exercise and diet routine is well balanced. This book truly is better than you find in bookstores. I highly recommend all, book has more than you expect!

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    First time I have read something so interesting that I fully agreed. This is a perfect book for weight loss, it is very different and unique, I have also googled to check if information inside is accurate which amazingly is correct. I highly recommend reading this book once in a life time.

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    Outstanding experience, got an idea of how much to walk and diet, exceptional and inspiring

  40. Book is a fine art

    This book has something to teach us all, really a fine art, all the chapters amazed me, truly something

  41. The book has a great fitness plan, way better than expected. Loved the idea for avoiding blisters behind ankles, I had this issue since a long time, so finally know how to avoid blisters, and this book has an amazing strategy for weight loss. Book have too much of a right information for dealing with fitness goals, em a big fan now.

  42. By far the best book you can find online, gained a all new perspective, learned a lot. thank you author for this amazing book

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  44. This book really makes sense, I have been following something similar but this book is just a complete anecdote of weight loss, I knew that low pace cardio is a very fine regime but didn’t knew much and never had a complete plan, this book gives a complete plan for weight loss and goes deep into the methodolgy, there are realistic methods of fat loss explained in this book. How much to exercise, how much to eat, you can find the complete pieces of information and What a remarkable story line, just loved the way the author explains about the entire plan. Highly recommend all

  45. Very very good book, highly recommended, this book should be available to everyone, its easy to learn and is perfect for learning quick fatloss

  46. I have read this book, it is a nice book on weight loss, the book teaches on how to lose weight or get in shape without over exercising with diet which is mostly a well balanced way to eat food, I am not commenting to spoil the content of the book as anyone can get it under a dollar, the book sketches a picture of getting slim in way which seems very easy and sounds appealing, I must say that this is a very appealing book for weight loss, dnt have to read the entire book again because it is very easy to understand. The guy wrote the book after actually losing so much weight and getting slim. This book makes me believe that I can do it too. well written and very understandable. well done author

  47. A great read for christmas, spend a joyful hour of reading. Just Amazing to learn so much about weight loss. My new year resolution is to get slim by the end of 2020.

  48. I am Fan, really loved the way he portrays the entire weight loss plan, truly fanatic. I have been struggling to lose weight since last year but couldn’t find the best way, finally made it to this site and found a perfect solution, the guy is very knowledgeable and the book is very easy to grasp.

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