Obesity in United States of America and A Growing Epidemic Worldwide

An Overview of the Obesity Epidemic

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Many of the people with obesity issues are having this problem of obesity since childhood, Many people with childhood obesity think that they cannot reverse it or cannot get slim and fit because they think that this is a genetical and inherited problem from their parental side which is not true, as to how you grow up and how you eat might be inherited but it is not a genetically inherited obesity issue in almost all cases but might be in some due to rare conditions.

Let’s emphasize the question that What is Obesity? to answer the issue in the best way to describe it as an uninherited obesity disease.

Morbid Obesity becomes a physiological issue in people when they get high body fat due to overeating and that solely is the main reason contributing to the state of being called obesity unless if someone is experiencing and has any other special condition or rare problem or else having an inactive lifestyle, medical condition, medicine or therapy reaction. The real cause of the state of being obese is mostly due to excessive overconsumption of food which leads to higher caloric intake causing the human body to store the extra calories consumed into a fat deposit which can be used later on by the human body.

The obesity rate at which obesity in the rising countries is growing is in millions.

Let’s take into account the United States of America, it is the fattest country in the world and the main cause of rising obesity in America is the high development of fast food chains and restaurants other than an inactive lifestyle or some sort of medical conditions.

Obesity carries many diseases and issues and some of them are widely popular obesity problems like ones of Posture-Hypertension and Diabetes or Diabetic-Obesity.

Diabetic-Obesity is the one cause that every bariatric and nutrition doctor talks about, and the reason why this obesity cause is so much closely related to an obesity disease is because of the way we all consume high carbohydrates and high sugar volume foods and drinks and beverages.

High blood sugar is very closely associated with obesity disease and in many people, the reason is the overconsumption of foods containing high carbohydrates and these can be in any form such as snacks, drinks and beverages or desserts which raise the insulin in the body thus leads to over storage of fats as more insulin causes increased fat storage in the human body along with an inactive lifestyle.

If you study the obesity chart then you might know very well that obesity is a global problem and you are not the only one affected by the fast-food obesity culture.

The United States is not the only country with higher obesity issues as the Obesity epidemic is a worldwide problem and the latest obesity chart shows that every country falls under the obesity epidemic, so obesity is a global issue.

Obesity in almost all cases is not a disease that everyone gets as genetically inherited but rather it is a cultural inheritance disease unless you have some other rare conditions and the pattern by which everyone gets overweight is similar in almost all obesity cases.

I will not say that everything you know about obesity is wrong and my only concern on this topic is to make you understand that obesity can be reversed in people and childhood obesity is also a very treatable so-called disease.

The rising child obesity rate in America and all other countries is highly associated with the modern infrastructure and development of cheap and very easy to access food and drink resources due to high numbered stores and chains of food restaurant businesses everywhere.

The science of obesity is quite simple, people get obese when they consume more than enough food along with an inactive lifestyle which leads to overconsumption of calories and extra fat storage that ultimately makes the person into being obese or overweight.

Many people take weight loss pills and look for weight loss clinics even tend to try the water weight loss technique but the best way to lose weight is not by taking the weight loss pills and weight loss supplements.

The best weight loss method is given in this book and I like to emphasize that weight loss surgeries and taking weight loss pills can be a life-threatening experience so be aware of those obesity treatments.

Weight loss centers might work for you but how many people have you ever heard of who went to the weight loss or medical weight loss clinics and got fit.

The weight loss supplements alter the human natural weight loss function which can be seriously dangerous for life, as one might lose weight in the starting by taking weight loss pills and supplements but in the long run they are bad for health and negatively affect the human body metabolism.

Many consume weight loss shakes but those drinks does not fix the issue as one starts to satisfy his hunger with drinks instead of balanced and nutritional meals, even if you make a precisely accurate nutritious weight-loss shake it cannot be consumed every day as a replacement to a fulfilling meal and cannot be the best one to take every time for satisfying the real food hunger humans crave and you shall bounce back to eating more after experimenting with weight loss shakes.

The obesity chart of females and males are having similar characteristics and statistics as there are obese men and obese women in every country in the world.

Let’s not talk about what countries have the highest morbid obesity rate instead let me bring to light the famous weight-loss method called the keto diet or ketogenic diet.

You might have heard people drinking weight loss tea and also taking supplementation to alter the natural way of humans burning calories but the keto diet is the most dangerous way to lose weight in general.

There are hundreds of top weight loss books on the keto Diet, and many people are interested in the keto diet because of the attention it gets in online media. The Ketogenic diet is a short crash course to weight loss which is highly dangerous and harms the body along with the weight loss.

The main reason why the keto diet is so harmful is that according to the keto diet guidelines one should reduce the carbohydrate intake to nearly zero.

The human body needs carbohydrates to maintain the natural way of functioning and to repair and maintain bodily systems, so if we start a keto diet then firstly we lose and drain the vital energy levels in the body and start to crave foods urgently.

In the ketogenic diet, the person reduces the carbohydrate to near or absolute zero which then leads the liver to create ketone bodies from fatty acids to power the brain and body instead of glucose and Carbohydrates, so let’s say that it is the best way to drain the vital energy your body and brain needs, always remember that brain is a very vital organ.

The ketogenic diet, ketosis, and Ketone bodies are very long and complex subjects but one thing is for sure that it is not a suitable and recommended practice for weight management.

There must be many people trying a ketogenic diet and encouraging others to do the same but it is by far not a healthy and wiser choice even though some people see drastic body changes or significant fat-loss results there still might be plenty of health concerns and a long debate of whether it is sound practice and good option or not.

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