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Syed Mohammad Ahmed is the author of the “Obesity Book for Weight Loss”, At the age of 13, Ahmed discovered bodybuilding and enrolled in the Local Gym since then the most popular topic among his friends and classmates was always about exercising and weight training.

The simple leisure gym time became a hobby but unfortunately, after 4 years Weight Training Ahmed became less active for two years and got fat, he was well aware of bodybuilding but weight loss was completely a different challenge.

He tried everything he could to get rid of unwanted body-fats and read countless articles and magazines but thanks to his deep instincts, past experiences and many wrong trials and failures he ultimately figured-out great things to drop-off his weight in a more reliable way, and finally got it right and lost 60KG around 132 Pounds and went from 134KG to 75KG in less than 4 months.

Almost every person he met was interested to learn about fitness, Weight-loss, and bodybuilding so that become the hot topic and inspiration for Obesity Book for Weight Loss.

“I went from 134KG to 75KG in 3.5 months and I want to say that when you have hope and will then for sure you will find a way! I have learned that we can achieve miraculous things in life if we try, and it is not compulsory to accomplish things after many failures and wrongs trial as one can seek useful guidance from someone who has already done that and willing to share their blueprint to help others.

I remember the day I ran 7.5 kilometers non-stop in 24 minutes, I was so happy and could not believe it as after I got really fat I tried running in the park and was unable to do it for even 1 minute and was badly breathless.

ahmed can fly

After I lost all my body fats I was even able to run on a treadmill for 4 hours nonstop like it was a piece of cake for me, a 2 or 3 hour run on a treadmill became a walk in the park, and running became my hobby for quite some time, I was even running 5 times a week for an average of 1.5 hours.

I have written my blueprint for anyone who likes to shed all body fat in the safest way possible, obesity book for weight loss is the result of my success which I attained after countless wrong trials, fortunately, you do not have to experience massive failures as this ebook will enlighten and help you transform your life forever!” Written by Syed Mohammad Ahmed

before 134KG

Even when I was fat I did not stop loving open air and fresh environment, I used to go to corniche at weekends to catch a fresh breath, I loved the winters in UAE and used to go for a walk.


When you will look at my pics then will notice that I have a bit bigger body frame, I am 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

Ahmed the superman

One of my favorite color is the red, in this pic I weighed 90 KG, and was very happy that I lost quite some weight.

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My fitness regime gave me an outstanding results, I did became surprisingly strong, and started running 5 days a week for an average of 1.5 hours.

Obesity Book for Weight Loss

This pic was taken at home, I had to move some sofas as obviously, I am not a model material nor was planning a book but wanted to take a pic like this to perserve my outstanding transformation.

weiglt loss and obesity best books
After 74KG

This pic was taken when I went to check out the newly opened Gold’s Gym,


I kept on running everyday as it was really an addictive and fun activity, I believe running is an absolutely amazing exercise and a very joyful thing when you are really fit.

Ahmed super slim

In this picture I weighed 71KG, I look very sweaty and perspiration is always visible, usually i took pics after workouts, not a big fan of selfies and modelling, I also had pics in which I went down to maximum 68KG caused due to running, but i wanted to look more muscular and healthier so gained some weight lateron.

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This is my regular pic, I am not an exercise freak all the time, and do have a life beside workouts.


I lost 60.5KG and went from 134.5KG to 74KG in 3.5 months, the entire experience was amazing, and I learned a lot, my journey taught that nothing is impossible for the person who is willing to practice and try!.

Hope my achievement motivate you and help you accomplish your fitness goals too!, Thanks for reading. Good Luck

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You do not have to be in a fitness profession, No miracles needed, learn from an average guy just like you, he has done it and so can you, Learn and do it yourself!

You can pay thousands of dollars like everyone else and see little results after 3 hour back breaking workouts or else you can really transform in a very human way possible without really hurting yourself, this is what this ebook has to offer!