Question: Does the Ebook has the same content as Paperback?
Answer: Yes, The EBook is 100% the same as the Paperback, both contain the same content.

Question: I did my payment but did not get the download file?

Answer: If you are facing any such issues then please contact us on the mentioned email address to get your download file. Support Email: healthywaybook.defeatobesity@gmail.com

Question: How do I download the EBook File?

Answer: After completing the payment, you will get the download file, which you can download or save to your device!

Question: What file format is the Ebook?

Answer: The Ebook that you will get is a PDF file.

Question: What is the file size of the Ebook PDF File?

Answer: The Ebook PDF, file size is 2 mb.

Question: What software do I need to view the PDF file?

Answer: You can use any PDF Viewer, the most famous one is Adobe Acrobat Reader. There are plenty of Free PDF Softwares and Applications available for download from the internet and App Store or Google Play Store. You can use any free PDF Viewer of your choice.

Question: The receipt has CarSaleApp identity and Logo?

Answer: Yes, the author is associated with that particular business sponsor to get payments from customer transactions. Nothing to worry about, you will get your Download File Instantly!

Question: Can I get a refund?

Answer: No, You cannot get a refund as digital goods will be provided and will be in your possession. If you are unable to get the Ebook after payment then contact us to get your file. We will check the transaction and will provide the Ebook.

Question: About Book Price 25 USD and Ebook Price 12.69$?

Answer: Obesitybooks.com is the direct seller, selling the same on discounted price. Just imagine getting rid of obesity forever, and saving thousands of dollars spent on obesity treatment and management of obesity-related diseases and Compare being fit and healthy for a lifetime only with 25 USD.

We just want everyone who is obese to defeat obesity in the healthiest way possible that is why we are offering books at a very fair price, you can buy a small pizza or else defeat obesity with this ebook for 12.69$, Since we started to get higher traffic we decided to make everyone happy by giving very special discounts on various special occasions but prices may differ throughout a year, so if you see a special discounted price on this site then make sure to grab it and refer a friend.

The Paperback from Amazon may cover shipment for most places with only $25, you may have to check with Amazon to learn accurate rate with shipments

We occasionally place a limited time offer and if you are lucky then you might get it.

Question: I want to reach out or give some Feedbacks & Suggestions, where do I contact Obesitybooks.com

Answer: We will love to here from you, Please contact us at: healthywaybook.defeatobesity@gmail.com